Third PIP Planning Meeting

Another planning meeting took place tonight at The Bell with Jo, David, Jane, Audrey and Simon in attendance – huge thankyou to the new faces!

The biggest priority at the moment is getting other people to commit to helping out either before, during or after the event. We urgently need your support – even if you can just spare an hour of your time it will really help us. Unfortunately if enough volunteers do not come forward the event is in real danger of being cancelled as we simply can not do everything ourselves. Please see the previous “volunteers needed”┬ápost for more details on what we need help with.

We are also short of demonstrations for the central arena in the daytime – do you know anyone with a club/society that would like to put on a short (20mins) display? If so, please get in touch.

The DJ for the kids disco is now confirmed; all electrical items such as generators and lights are booked via Brandons, and you will be pleased to know we have bigger and better toilet blocks ordered for this year.

We are aiming to start selling tickets for the Afterdark event within the next few weeks, and if previous years are any indication there will be a high demand for them so please buy early to avoid disappointment.

An idea that has been suggested is a Children’s Talent Show – we would love to have your views on this. Would it work? Would there be enough interest? Please comment on here or message us.

The date of next meeting Wednesday 6th May, 7.30pm, The Bell Inn.

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